Tuesday, February 17, 2015

50 One-Word Resolutions for Life After Divorce

Did you make a one-word New Year's resolution this year? Well, since New Year's, I've collected a list of 50 one-word resolutions. These resolutions apply not just to my 2015, but to my life as a single woman in general.

Want to read the whole list? Click on over to the Huffington Post and check it out. And let me know if there are any words I should add to my list!


  1. The list was positive and should be printed and taped to every computer screen. I wondered if the word 'no' should be listed as we seem to use it all the time. No we can't go outside, no the veggies must be finished before putting your plate in the dishwasher, no wine before..... well lets not go there. But then I realized compromise isn't on the list and it can replace 'no' so many times. Lets get the homework done first and then go outside, please try those veggies as they are really lonely on the plate all by themselves and then of course, we are back to the wine issue........
    As always Heather, your glass is always half full and never half empty. Love your list and my nomination for #51 is compromise.


    1. BP, I love your comments. :-) And I LOVE the word compromise. Maybe I'll keep the list going til I get to 100. Thanks for #51!


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