Friday, January 7, 2011

Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup #18

It's time for Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup #18!  There was a little bit of confusion about the host this week, so I'm hosting at the last minute.  (Don't worry, I'll keep the Linky open for a full 24 hours so it will still be open tomorrow.)
I think you all know the drill by now.  (And if you don't, check out my original post about the Roundup.)  Link up your favorite post from this week and then go and visit the other lovely ladies.  Have fun!!!

Next week's host is Nicole over at Flip Flops and Combat Boots so make sure you check her out!



  1. I've never done this before, so I hope I've got it right! Here's my favorite post from my blog this week:

    I don't always post on mil-topics, but this one has been on my mind for awhile - and I'd love some feedback and suggestions from other milspouses on how THEY'VE survived deployments!

  2. Sorry, just noticed the entry link above, I think I've got it figured out now :). Thanks for hosting!

  3. Hey! I was wondering how you get on the list to host the weekly round-up? I have never hosted before. :)

  4. There was probably a little confusion because I think only a couple people found me last week. It was into the afternoon before I even managed to post it. Thanks for hosting. I've been reading you blog but failing to comment.

    There are so many posts I'm not sure I'll bet to them all!

    happy posting!


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