Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wife on the Roller Coaster Meets Her War, Her Voice!

I know I've already self-promoted myself once this week, but I'm so excited that my post The Lasts was featured on Her War, Her Voice today!
Her War, Her Voice is an amazing website written by 2 mil spouses who have been through it all.  If you take a look around their site, you'll find their unique interactive book for kids coping with deployments.  They also have tons of resources for military families, blog posts about deployments, and free coloring pages for kids.  So even if you don't head over there to read my post, please go and visit Melissa and Chris.


  1. You sure get around, Lady!! Good job - your voice is such a nice one to hear.

  2. I loved it! As always of course :)


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