Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lessons of the Day

Lesson #1:  Do not schedule both a dentist appointment and a doctor's appointment on the same day for the same child.
Lesson #2: Do not leave your umbrella in the car during said appointments.
Lesson #3: Do not assume you'll have time to go home for lunch between appoinments.
Lesson #4: Do not allow your children to bring their own toys into waiting rooms (unless you don't want those toys to come home with you).
Lesson #5: Don't forget to take deep breaths.



  1. awww... sounds like a hectic day! I will definitely make a mental note of these for sometime in the future!

  2. It sounds like you had "such" a day. That isn't good. I call these kind of days, "EBT". Doesn't that sound like such a great thing? Ask your kids if they want an "EBT"?

    EBT= Early Bed Time!!!!!

    It's the evening, you've only gotta make it through dinner time/dinner clean up, bathtime...and then...EBT!!!!

  3. Those are great lessons! I especially love numbers 4 and 5. I never let Little Butt take her own toys with us but I rarely remember to breathe. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. sounds like a long day
    thank you for the reminders! =)

  5. Sounds like a loooong day. Hopefully you got to relax a bit when you got home!


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