Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 10... Thursday?

(I usually post a Top 10 Tuesday list, but somehow Tuesday passed me by, so my Top 10 will now be a Thursday edition.)

Top 10 Super Powers I Wish I Possessed

1) THE ABILITY TO FREEZE TIME (Who doesn’t want a little time to herself while the rest of the world is on pause?)

2) INVISIBILITY (To be that fly on the wall eavesdropping on other people’s lives.  Wait a minute, isn’t that what blogging is?)

3) THOUGHT MANIPULATION (So my children will actually listen when I tell them to clean their rooms.)

4) TELEPATHY (Perfect for communication during my husband’s deployment!)

5) THE ABILITY TO FLY (No need for scrounging frequent flyer miles.)

6) SELECTIVE DEAFNESS (If you’re a mom, you know what I mean.)

7) TELEKINESIS (For those times when I don’t feel like getting off the couch to pour a glass of wine.)

8) TIME TRAVEL (To fix my mistakes…or maybe just laugh at them.)

9) PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY (Because mine stinks.)

10) THE ABILITY TO HEAL (Don’t we all want to fix the problems of the world, even if one of those problems is simply the boo boo on your child’s skinned knee?)

What tops your list?


  1. I think mindreading is my top, because then I would finally know what my husband REALLY wants! LOL

  2. I have an award for you on my blog. :-)

  3. Love your list! I wrote a while ago when I first started blogging about what I would wish for if I got one wish granted and that it would be the ability to click my fingers in the morning and be ready for the day. It honestly is top of my list - check my post for my detailed reasonings but the whole business of rushing to get up, take a shower (if lucky and time allows), wash my hair (doesn't happen every day for sure right now!) and magically have my hair look nice, be put together and not just sling together would be magical for me!

  4. Oh those would be great superpowers to have!

  5. My boys like to ask this question to each other often. I'd have to say, the superpower to cure all sick kids.

    That would be it.

    Fun post! Thank you.

  6. Oh, telekinesis! That's me dream power, too. I wish I could be like Samantha and just wiggle my nose and clean the house.

  7. eat, drink, and lose weight :-)


  8. wow that pretty much encompasses anything I could even want in life! I'd probably pick the ability to read minds as my #1. I wouldn't want people reading my mind though!

  9. Mindreading and flying are mine. Oh, and the ability to run reallyreallyreally fast!

  10. Teleportation -- the whole "Beam Me Up Scotty" thing from Star Trek.
    The nose-wiggle thing from Bewitched which pretty much took care of everything. Especially a nice meal and glass of wine when you're too tired to fix it. See a photo in a magazine of a great outfit. Presto! It's on you, and it fits! The fun would never end.

  11. Wouldn't it be nice if you could visit your husband in your dreams, I mean really visit?

    My dreams are so vivid I sometimes wish that they would continue throughout the next day, and sometimes I am so thankful to wake up and leave them.

    Wonderful post!

  12. I agree on the time travel - wouldn't that be great? Have a fabulous weekend :)

  13. I love all of these! I would also like the power to shape shift into anything I felt like that day know Pamela Anderson...Cindy get the picture (-:

  14. hahahaa!! I remember doing a list like this when I was younger. AH boy ... no such luck, I'm afraid.


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