Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday!

Top 10 Tuesday

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We all wear many different hats in our busy lives. Choose one of your hats and list your top 10 reasons why you love wearing it.


Top 10 Reasons I Love Being a Military Spouse

1) I've traveled to parts of the world I never thought I'd see.

2) I have learned the fine art of independence.

3) Some of my closest friends are fellow military wives, and I have no doubt that we'll be friends for life.

4) Living in so many different places helps to make an informed decision regarding the best place to retire.

5) Military life has forced me to finally graduate from assertiveness training.

6) I'm a part of an amazingly supportive community.

7) Military discounts!

8) My family enjoys free health care and prescriptions.

9) There's nothing like the joy of homecomings.

10) I'm so proud of my husband and the work he does.

What tops your list?


Remember that hat you love wearing so much? Next week, list 10 reasons why you DON'T love wearing it. Feel free to stick with the same role you chose this week or pick a different one. See you next week!


  1. I'm proud of the work your husband does too! Thank him for me :)

  2. Being a military family is awesome--the good definitely outweighs the hard times.

    And some of my best friends are military wives--I love it!



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